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What We Do About Us

We help you dominate life. It's literally that simple. Think of us like a business coach combined with a world-class temp-agency. Unlike other business coaching/development services, not only do we help you develop a plan to dominate life, but we provide you with a world-class team to help you achieve your goals.

Business Development

We help you achieve your goals by meeting with you every week to keep you motivated and moving.


Your productivity directly correlates to your growth. Your dedication, efficency, and focus are what takes you from player, to game changer.

Marketing / Branding

We take your dreams, and turn them into reality. Our marketing experts have taken companies from basements to national retailers. From logo to trade-show, we have you covered.

Brains On Demand

Short and sweet: we lease brains. Today, the Brains-on-Demand program is the core of our business. Having the abillity to flex-staff gives our clients the benifit of a hiring a high-skilled employee for short term projects.

Dominate TodayThe Plan

The Rundown How it works

We meet with you every week to outline your goals, strategize an attack plan, review past performance, and help identify opportunities for you to dominate the week.

We don't have magic business boosting pills, but are in the market if you know someone... What we do is help you identify and outline your goals. We then break goals down into bite-sized actions and help you accomplish each of them. We will make you more productive and successful; guarenteed.

During our weekly meetings, we help you outline a game plan for the week and offer some suggestions as to how best allocate your time and energy. Depending on your plan, this would be the ideal phase to put us to work and use the Brains-on-Demand hours in your plan.

If you don't learn, you wont grow. We are all about helping you grow your business. For this reason, we now offer FREE subscriptions a handful of magazines, and send out a free Book-of-the-Month to each one of our clients in Hard Copy, Digital, or Amazon Audible format.

Since our inception we have done business development and coaching, but due to the overwhelming success of the Brains-on-Demand program, it is now the core of our business. Our clients love the ability to flex-staff. The program gives our clients the benifit of a hiring a high-skilled employee for a short term project. One of our clients compared it to a "high class temp-service... but with the people temp-services can't get."

Word on the Street

Brains-on-Demand is like high class temp-service... but with the people temp-services can't get.

My staff has never been this motivated or productive! Can't wait till next week!

Brains-on-Demand: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The most enthuiastic group of people we have ever met.

We wouldn't have go to where we are today without you. There is no better tool for a small business.

Best investment the company has made in years! See you next week!

We just switched from the start-up plan to the dominator plan, and WOW the results are awesome!

I've taken hundres of sales and training seminars. Not one compares to what you guys offer! Great job!

The Brains-on-Demand program has saved us thousands, if not hundres of thousands, in training and staffing costs.

Super Simple Pricing


brains on demand
  • Business Development
  • Sales Training/Coaching
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Web/App Development
  • SEO Consulting


  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • -
  • 15% off Brains-on-Demand
  • 25% off live training events


  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • 20hrs Brains-on-Demand /mo
  • 20% off additional hours
  • 50% off live training events


  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • 50hrs Brains-on-Demand /mo
  • 30% off additional hours
  • 75% off live training events

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